These are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting times in which leadership must cope with constantly shifting industry dynamics, while home working and remote team work become the new normal. Entering the finish line of this lockdown marathon, we introduce our online ‘E-nergy sessions’ to help you with ready-to-use tools and insights about Storm Leadership, Remote Coaching and Personal Energy Management.

Duration: 1hr30 in which inspirational subjects are mixed with live-measuring, reactions and exchanges between participants.

Online Energy Journey.

Depending on the target group, some companies choose to focus on 1 theme. Other organisations create an online E-nergy Journey, through regular Energy sessions (weekly or bi-weekly) to keep the Energy momentum. Up to you to choose the topic, the journey and the frequency that suit your situation, priorities and budget. 

One team. Global opportunities.

Through online sessions led by our international team of coaches, spread across all continents, covering more than 20 languages, we aim to support individuals, teams and organisations through these stormy times and beyond.

Mentally Fit Style.

Our Mentally Fit ‘Coach Attitude’ is characterised by the simplicity of the tools, our very direct ‘sports style’ and the pragmatic methodology. All online sessions provide very practical tips, easy to use tools and tricks to support your business development while working remotely.


Personal Energy

7 Personal Energy Boosters
Mental, emotional & physical endurance
Mental Resilience in Tough Times
More than ever a vital asset
Dealing with Unknown Pressure
Impact of uncertainty & stress
(Re)learn and develop better habits for a new working world
Use COVID-19 as an opportunity to unlock your potential
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Storm time is Growth Time 
The Resilient Leader
Storm time is Team Time
The Blended Leader
Storm time is Coaching Time
The Coaching Leader
Storm time is Collaboration Time 
The Bridging Leader

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The Power of
Personal Energy

It is most probable that this pandemic will continue to influence and impact our private and professional lives for the foreseeable future. Mental, emotional and physical endurance will be crucial to stay strong. Recharging our batteries in this turbulent time is more challenging than before.

How can we safeguard and allocate some ‘me-time’ when working from home? How do we find a good balance between professional time, family time and me time, even when the lockdown is over? How can we deal with the unknown pressure during these uncertain and stressful times?


7 lockdown personal energy boosters

Mental, emotional & physical endurance

The ability to keep a good balance between professional, family and me-time is hard to find for many of us. There is a lot of overlap and a lack of personal recovery time. This webinar will rehearse some basic ground rules enabling you to recharge mentally, emotionally and physically.



Adopt the skills to recharge your batteries combining working from home with family life.

How to avoid junk time, preserve real personal time and organise your business time.

Safeguarding emotional proximity while physically distanced.

Respect our physiological rhythm to reduce energy leaks.

How to make remote working more energising and efficient.

How and when to take time-outs to alternate moments of focus and moments of recovery.


Mental Resilience in tough times

More than ever a vital asset!

The ability to cope with stress, anxiety and unexpected challenges is difficult especially in a time like now. To thrive in such situations, we need to be adaptable, flexible and agile. Resilience is a critical life-skill that is fundamental to humankind’s survival. The exciting thing about resilience is that it is a skill. Like any skill, with practice, resilience can be learned and developed.



Adopt the skills to become more resilient in stressful times.

Link mental resilience directly to your ability to recover fast & efficiently.

Get the tools to remain competent when facing stress and use challenges for growth.

Regain control of your mental, emotional and physical resources.

Be creative in the storm and embed new habits to assist you in adapting to a new way of working.


Dealing with unknown pressure

Impact of uncertainty & stress

This period is unknown to us all. We all draw repeatedly on our natural resources. Some might do that until exhausted or to the point of burnout. It is vitally important for all of us to understand how stress works and how the body and mind react to it. Once the science behind the stress mechanism is explained and understood, participants will learn how to identify their own signals individually to manage worrying periods accordingly.



Arm your employees with tools in order to take better care of themselves in this hectic period.

Create awareness about the stress mechanisms and provide tools to cope with unhealthy stress.

How to deal with uncertainty and the stress it causes.

Help to get the right focus at the right time.

Create awareness and develop a ‘common language’ for open and honest conversations.


(re)learn and develop better habits in a new working world.

Use COVID-19 as an opportunity to unlock your potential.

Returning to old, counterproductive habits once the lockdown is over is unimaginable. This pandemic has been a major accelerator for any business in the world to rethink future functioning. It is a brilliant opportunity for all of us to remove bad habits and to install new, better habits helping us to thrive in the new way of working. Based on years of experience working with world class athletes and businesspeople around the world, this workshop will give you practical tips on how to change existing habits, adopt new ones and how to stick to them.



Create sustainable and positive new habits that work for you.

Release the energy for performance from counterproductive habits.

Find your ‘why’ to live with purpose: motivation is not enough!

Identify your daily danger moments.

Establish your personal rewards as reinforcements.


We are living the greatest leadership experience of our lives. We are the captain of our ship!

The lockdown has and will continue to stretch many limits, reveal new possibilities, new interactions with customers, new relationships with competitors, new regulations, new boundaries and new opportunities.

Current events act as accelerators of significant eco-system transformation. Changes in the ways we work, collaborate and connect are now happening even more and even faster. For people and corporations, the challenge is how to emerge stronger as an individual, as a team and as an organization from this turbulent time? Entering the new ecosystem, leaders and managers need to find new ways to engage, motivate and coach their teams. Our team of coaches will provide simple tools and methodologies on Resilient Leadership and Remote Coaching to invigorate Personal Energy and Team Commitment.



Bouncing back to Bounce Higher after storm

The Resilient Leader

Stimulated mindsets: growth and entrepreneurial mindset

Ready for the re-start? The re-start will be an “Alter-Start”, a real shift in the way we connect, view, sell, communicate, manage etc… And the Finish-Line of the lockdown marathon is a new Starting-Line, entering into our new Eco-system and facing new challenges.

Your Vibe attracts your Tribe!

Emotions are contagious. The vibe is ignited by the heart, the guts and the spirit. Reconnect your people with the company vision, mission and values. To bounce back and recuperate your teams, the human touch will be crucial.



How to reconnect our people with the updated Vision and Mission

How to scan our new eco-system to identify new trends and opportunities

How to maintain and reinforce our successful lockdown adaptations



Rebuilding performing teams through Blended Leadership

The Blended Leader

Stimulated mindsets: Trust and Commitment

The restart will be a shock to our systems!
Employees will face updated working rules, adjusted routines, new priorities, shifted roles etc… Team captains will have to show new Blended Leadership skills. New and exciting challenges for many team leaders will be how to blend and balance various ‘opposites’ such as, valuing both empowerment & guidance, proximity & distance and on-line & on-site engagement.

This workshop will clarify how ‘Blended Leadership’ can recreate the essentials of the team glue: common goal, shared values and mutual trust.



How Blended Leadership will better support your people in the new ecosystem

How to rebuild the team feeling after the long period of disconnection

What specific role team leaders must play in each phase of the progressive lifting of the Lockdown



Reinforcing individuals through Blended Coaching

The Coaching Leader

Stimulated mindsets: Boldness and Persistence

Front line individuals were and are extremely active and we will be forever grateful! Active individuals during the lockdown cycle were emotionally boosted by their invaluable role and their incredible contribution to the health and safety of everyone else. Some experienced negative feelings, finding it difficult to adjust to the new way or working and their contribution during the storm time.

Stormy times enable the emergence of new heroes while granting others the opportunity to find new ways to grow and perform.

Blended Leaders need to act as Blended Coaches to get all people on board, together and energised on the starting line:



How to coach the extremes between energised performers and worried people

How to expand the entrepreneurial & experimentation spirit initiated during lockdown

How to develop an open mind and growth mindset to adopt new skills, tools and technologies to enhance our leadership performance



Stronger together through cross-cooperation

The Bridging Leader

Stimulated mindsets: Membership and Cooperation

After the Covid threat, we will face the Economic threat! The new common enemy for all organisations will be the economic crisis after lockdown.
As solidarity was key in facing the virus, collaboration and cohesiveness will be key in facing the next economic treat.

Strengthen your internal tribe: (1) reinforce cross-functional collaboration (2) cross-border cohesiveness and (3) team building inside your organisation.

Activate your external Tribe: (1) connect with your stakeholders of your local and regional ecosystem (suppliers, associations, customers). Top leaders live the company mission & vision, look beyond the rivalry issues and are solution orientated.



How to stimulate more cross-functional collaboration and 'membership' feeling inside the organisation

How to remove the mental barriers for cooperation with new stakeholders in your local and international ecosystem,

How to detect the desired value, creative and innovative opportunities while uniting entities around common purpose and common interest.


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