How the develop senior managers leadership skills?

Kepak is one of Ireland’s largest food companies with processing plants and operations across the UK & Ireland.

Their senior managers were presented with a series of challenges related to supporting their team to deliver their targets in an ever changing world
Mentally Fit coaches developed and delivered a series of “Coach the Leader” workshops where Kepak managers were provided with a range of coaching tools to implement and work on with their teams.

Following the initial sessions with the Group Leadership Team the programmes have been rolled out throughout the organisation resulting in higher levels of engagement and output across a series of internal company KPIs.


How to boost creativity in a new working world?

Thinkhouse is a young marketing company who work with brands and organisations to help them understand and connect with youth audiences.
Shifting to remote working was unknown to Thinkhouse and becoming more aware of their new way of contributing, staying connected and enhancing their remote working culture was the primary objective of our performance and wellness programme.

Four 60 minute online workshops with the Thinkhouse team focusing on areas such as mental resilience, physical and mental wellness provided quality time to identify where they as a team could be more efficient and effective in terms of their individual and team performance.

As a result of completing the performance and wellness programme, Thinkhouse being a highly innovative and creative organisation, were in a stronger position to establish ways of communicating, collaborating and connecting more effectively together while working remotely. Upon completion Thinkhouse were able to display the company DNA, their closely knitted culture and to recognise their wins to new team members and to shows signs of real resilience in these testing times.


How to reduce the rate of absenteeism by boosting human vitality?

Alliance Healthcare was struggling with high rates of health-related absenteeism related to both physical and mental problems (stress & burn-out), which resulted in €5,6 million extra cost per year. To tackle these high rates together, we developed the ‘Feel Good Programme’ to energise the life of 550 participants. We rolled out different workshops on energy and stress management, efficient recovery, nutrition and exercise, focus and flow and mental resilience. By linking those workshops to different other internal health-initiatives, this holistic approach improved the employee well-being and boosted the overall vitality of the employees and of the company. By investing €125.000 in this vitality programme, Alliance Healthcare reduced their absenteeism rate from 7% to 4,5% in 2 years time, resulting in a cost reduction of €2 million. The programme was extended to the rest of the company after these great results.

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How to improve energy management in a global company?

As a global company known for its special attention for personal development, Atradius wanted to roll-out an energy management programme in Europe, starting with their HQ in The Netherlands.
The Step-programme was designed to inspire all participants, create pride and belonging within the company and promote vitality and agility.
Because of the great success we were asked to extend this programme to the Asian-Pacific region as well. With regional HQ in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sidney and Shanghai, we were thrilled to see that this programme was equally valued and impactful in each of these very different cultures!


Atradius Energy Program



For all APAC Leadership Team

Energy & Recovery 

for Performance

1 day

Energy Audit
(zero measurement)

one day after day 1

Stress Management
for Sustainable Performance

+ individual coaching sessions

Focus & flow
for Peak Performance

+ individual coaching sessions

Energy Audit
(end measurement)

6 month after the start of the program

How do we get the best out of our employees to improve their performance?

New technologies have blurred the boundaries between work and private life. International customers demand 24/7 attention and competition keeps on growing. The heavy mental and emotional strains and higher taxes lead to less engagement, productivity loss and even failure. We helped EY with developing the ‘Top Performer Programme’ for partners, and the ‘Fit 4 The Job Programme’ for all employees.

Over a six month period, we rolled out workshops, individual coaching sessions and interventions where participants actively worked on their personal energy management to increase their physical, mental and emotional energy as well as becoming more resilient. EY reported that the time on tasks that cost energy was reduced by 4 hours/week and the time on energy-gaining tasks increased by 5 hours/week. Next to that, 2 hours of non-productive work per week was reduced. 85% of the employees reported higher levels of fitness and felt less tired after work! Both programmes ran successfully in the organisation for several years.

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How to bounce back and be resilient during Covid-19?

Fuel are a multi-award winning event management agency based in Dublin and London. Fuel pride themselves on being a master of creating and delivering captivating brand activations & events, always tailored to enhance connectivity, and boost brand recognition.

Due to Covid, many of Fuel’s live events such as festivals and mass sporting spectacles were all canceled. Covid presented many challenges to Fuel and therefore their ability to bounce back, bounce higher and be more resilient was crucial.

This workshop was also a taster session to give a vibrant and like minded brand like Fuel, an insight into the Mentally Fit way of coaching. After this 90 minute interactive and engaging workshop, not only did the Fuel team come away more resilient to tough challenges, we are proud to have formed a complimentary partnership.


How to engage a diverse team working from home for the first time?

Chupi are a leading Irish jewellery company who design, manufacture and sell high end pieces, especially engagement rings. In March 2020, like so many other companies, they found themselves forced to work from home. The broad range of skills and tasks performed by different members of a small and close knit team presented particular challenges.

Over the course of 3 months Mentally Fit coaches delivered a series of workshops designed to create a cohesive working environment, where all team members felt they could deliver the same standards of excellence as in a traditional work space.

After a slow start Chupi saw a significant growth in online sales and delivered several new customer experiences initiatives.

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How to optimise energy for performance and enhance team dynamics?

IPUT are Ireland’s leading commercial property investment company and the largest owner of offices and logistics assets in Dublin. They are a long term investor with a 50-year track record in real estate who own and manage a portfolio comprising over 5.3 million sq ft, with a value of over €2.7 billion.

Due to high levels of success and new large scale projects in the pipeline, the IPUT team was expanding and taking in top recruits. Senior management wanted to integrate these new players efficiently and to empower all to take ownership and pride in their work.

The full day workshop was very interactive and inspired the IPUT team to channel the right energy across the organisation, the will to change and growth with the ultimate goal of becoming a high performing team in order to achieve their ambitious future aspirations for the company.



How to create greater engagement within teams and reduce stress?

The Shell Network Delivery team operates from three countries where staff members have different cultural backgrounds. Stress levels increased within the team due to big changes in the way of working, complete reorganising and increasing dependence on planning and delivery by third parties. On individual level we increased personal energy levels and resilience to stress over a six-month period. On a team level we enhanced team dynamics working on commitment and engagement, defining a code of ethics, developing trust and making roles more clear. The employee engagement increased from an average 60% to an excellent 87%.


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How to create a winning culture when merging companies on a global scale?

How can you produce a winning culture in the middle of an acquisition process, a continuously changing market and fierce competition?
Grünenthal’s challenges were to integrate two companies, fight a local silo mentality and develop their leaders for a new reality and future challenges.
To support achievement of the aspirations of Grünenthal LatAm - they touched 660 million lives in Latin America by 2020 and became a $1 billion dollar company - Guaranteeing a future of sustainable growth in which they needed to build a high performing organisation.

Mentally Fit rolled out a change programme in 8 countries, animated 120 sessions and 105 individual coaching's for 400 managers. We increased talent attraction, engagement and retention, improved business performance by defining KPI’s and KDI’s (Key Development Indicators) and shaped the cultural transformation process. 92% of all participants was positively influenced by the programme and Grünenthal evolved from 82% to 96% in the ‘Great Place to Work’-rating!


How to boost the leadership and coaching skills of the team leaders?

To support Novo Nordisk’s values and ambitions for the next year, we created a tailor-made ‘Acceleration Programme’ to move team leaders from ‘pull and control’ to ‘push and empower’ and from ‘power of the leader’ to ‘power of the team’. The program was delivered to 200+ sales leaders from 32 countries in 6 different languages. It consisted of 4 modules spread over 12 months:

    1. ‘The Inspiring Leader’ on how to inspire with purpose and ignite the organisation with positive energy.

    2. ‘The Team Leader’ on how to build high-performing teams promoting the best mix of team power and individual commitment.

    3. ‘The Empowering Leader’ on how to empower your troops through a feedback culture, stimulating risk-taking and activating the power of adversity and setbacks.

    4. ‘The Leader-Coach’ on how to stretch, coach and grow individuals and teams transforming pressure into stimuli for growth.

By changing the leadership style, you change the culture. ‘The Acceleration Programme’ enabled team leaders and people managers to develop their coach attitude, leading winning teams, sharing common language and methodologies.

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How to energise change on a global scale?

Due to the merging of the two companies, Air France and KLM had to face an international change of culture. Our coaches transformed the company’s perception of change, making change a source of positive opportunities rather than a stressful situation. We accompanied 3,150 managers in more than 200 coaching sessions and helped them adapt their management style during this intense period. We coached across different continents in 6 languages and got 88% rating on overall approval.